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How a Fake Exorcist Got Banned from the Netherlands

Recent events have thrust the practice of demon exorcisms into the limelight, revealing a heated debate around the world. The spotlight has particularly shone on ‘apostle’ Kathryn Krick, whose exorcism events, often involving children, have been met with not only criticism but also direct action from government authorities and national press. In this blog post, we delve into the Dutch articles that highlight the storm surrounding Kathryn Krick’s controversial practices, focusing on the government’s response, labeling her a “quack,” and the penalties imposed on her.

Kathryn Krick: A Controversial Figure

Have you ever heard of Kathryn Krick? She is a self-proclaimed ‘apostle’ and exorcist who claims to perform miracles and deliverances through the power of God. She has a large following on social media platforms such as TikTok and Facebook, where she posts videos of her ministry events. However, she has also been accused of using actors and staged scenarios to fake her exorcisms and deceive her audience. In fact, she was recently banned from entering the Netherlands after an investigation by the government revealed her fraudulent and unethical practices.

Before we dive into the heart of the matter, let’s get acquainted with Kathryn Krick. Known as an ‘apostle’ specializing in demon exorcisms, Krick’s notoriety in this unique field precedes her. Her methods and practices have stirred up a whirlwind of debates and discussions, particularly regarding her involvement with children in these exorcism events.

“These are vulnerable children who you give false hope with this kind of practice. They are often desperate and in a difficult situation, which is why they go to such a meeting”

Michiel Hengeveld, psychiatrist and emeritus professor. English translation by Bing.

Government Condemnation And Media Scrutiny

In a striking turn of events, the Dutch government and national press have taken a stance against Kathryn Krick’s exorcism events. The article titled “Shocked Reactions After Demon Exorcisms in Children” details how Krick’s recent event, “Revival is now,” held in Rotterdam Ahoy, prompted Veilig Thuis Rotterdam-Rijnmond, an organization advocating against domestic violence and child abuse, to call for research into the harm caused by demon exorcisms on children. The government’s response underscores the gravity of the situation and the need for immediate action.

Association Against Quackery Condemns Damaging Effects of Demon Exorcisms on Children

Hengeveld, a board member of the Association against Quackery, unequivocally asserts that demon exorcisms have a detrimental impact on children. He emphasizes that these prayer healings can be highly intense gatherings for young children. While there may be instances where individuals with conditions like autism experience temporary improvements in social interaction or people with ailments feel somewhat better, Hengeveld attributes these outcomes to the placebo effect. He does not place blame on the visitors to prayer healing services, understanding that they often turn to such practices as a last resort, desperately seeking solutions to their problems. However, he strongly condemns individuals like Kathryn Krick who exploit these vulnerable individuals, deeming it morally reprehensible.

“Often they are at their wits’ end and only want a solution to their problems. But for a quack like Kathryn Krick to take advantage of that is extremely bad.”

Michiel Hengeveld, psychiatrist and emeritus professor. English translation by Bing.

Results of the investigation: The 100,000 Euro fine

One element of this controversy that has left many intrigued is the purported $100,000 fine imposed on Kathryn Krick by the Dutch government.

I remembered that Bing Chatbot can search the internet and site current sources to research news items and decided to ask the bot what it knows.

The answer it gave me surprised me. According to Bingchatbot, Kathryn was found at fault for their investigation and fined 100k euros. The link the chatbot gave proving this claim did not work and our attempts to verify the financial penalties through official sources have proven fruitless. The mystery surrounding this substantial penalty adds a layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga. If you have any further info regarding this please reach out to us at


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